On the road again.

Well rested – Walentyna is a marvellous host – I headed the Młociny Bus station to catch a coach to Poznan. On my way there, I had to say couple words to the camera, as Janek (the ‘Expedicion Libertad’ guy) needed it for our second stage crowdfunding project. Soon you will be able to see it online.

Exactly a minute before the coach rolled away, the fellow hacker brought me a charger to my ancient Nokia 6120. Having not succeeded in getting a smartphone, I decided to take my old workhorse with me, but I had no spare charger. Thanks, Astral!

A nice lady in the couch – next seat to mine – was initially enthusiastic about having a talk about Greece etc., but after reading couple first pages of my booklet, suddenly plugged her earphones in and left the coach at the first station, without even saying good-bye. Aren’t people weird. But, maybe, it had something to do  with her occupation – she was working in a “Human Capital” EU funding institution. 😉

Fortunately, she was replaced by a nice, young violinist, who appeared to be a good conversation partner. His apparent idol was Yasha Heifetz, but at the same time he seemed to be a lot more emotional. Anyway, the conversation was quite nice.

Poznan – finally. Cafe Bunuba, opened especially for us, witnessed another hackers’ gathering. How come that so many friends of mine are that weird? In a small, but top class, company, meeting took not less than four-five beers (gift economy, again!). And it was not just about Greece. As far as I can remember we have collectively solved at least few of the most urgent global problems. Possibly, some other guy may remember those solutions…

Friends, if you happen to visit Poznan, go to Cafe Bunuba and have a beer or two for Expedition Freedom. But be responsible. You need to spare some money to support your humble explorer…



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