Warsaw — Berlin

It’s not that easy to get to Berlin. The PolskiBus connection from Poznan is cheap and easy to catch, unless your humble traveller is too nervous to notice that there is also another coach going opposite way – from Berlin To Warsaw – almost at the same time, from the same place. I already had my backpack on board, when I realised that. 🙂 Fortunately, the right bus arrived shortly and I jumped in.

From Poznan it is closer to Berlin than to Warsaw. Nevertheless, when you enter Gremany, the change in the landscape is impressive. You can clearly see massive investments put into infrastructure – electric fence running for kilometers, separating the forest from the highway, abandoned, but well preserved gas station, naturally looking, but obviously maintained riverbed. It all makes impression of a tidy, well cared household. For sure the income from ‘servicing’ Greek debt by German financial institutions (over 350 million Euro last year) is spent wisely.

Central bus station in Berlin is like any other bus station in the world. Slightly less tidy than an usual neighborhood, but still clean and functional. Even the direct surrounding is not as impressive as one could expect from the grand European city. But these are bus stations – here you can see the color of the city underwear, and one day I will come back here to find new stories.

The care bears land starts at the underground station. Police car parked just a hundred meters away and a friendly reminder that you are being watched (for your own good). I decided to be a good citizen for a change and bought a 2,40 ticket to get to Pankow, where my BeWelcome shelter awaited. Old habits die hard. With an Euro spent at the station (a toilet and  an internet to find the connection) it made significant dent in my funds. Let’s hope for some income soon…

I like Berlin underground, especially when it runs on the surface. Looking through the windows I spotted couple marvelous industrial, almost steampunk-ish, buildings. I understand people who just wander around the city and take pictures. Perhaps, one day…

Now, my station. I left the platform and found myself shocked – after all these months in the calm countryside, the relatively uncrowded Danziger Strasse looked to me like a city from Blade Runner or The 5th Element – hectic, dynamic, colorful and noisy. Not thet I do not like it – I just needed a moment to gather my wits. After taking some pictures and a short video panorama  started my walk.

Danziger Strasse is long and I started from the number 1, to reach way beyond 100. While I was a bit tired, it was fun to stroll along the street, watching people and feeling like a real country boy – gaping amazed at things and events so normal for city dwellers. I promise you, I  will repeat this walk for you and take more pictures that time. 🙂

S., whose story deserves a separate post, is a great host. Easy going, informative and calm. He even cleaned his room before I arrived, which made his flatmates tell they like me already. 🙂 BTW, if someone has a Voigtlander camera broken (but with shutter being ok), S. is looking for it to fix his own.

So, I am now getting ready to join the support staff of the ECC 2013. And at the same time I am trying to solve a problem. It seems that my expected fundraising talks (in Ulm and Augsburg) would not occur. So, fellows, if you can help me (actively, I am now short of time and resources) to arrange some evening open talk in Berlin (from now till 25.05), it would be a great help.


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