People, stupid

This morning I have been walking to the tramway station, watching people. Compared to Poland (and other ex-soviet-block countries) they look relaxed. I could really feel the trust, they feel, living in a stable, secure world. The world where for at least two generation, there was no major threat, except for the nuclear war – which is no more a serious problem. Now, at least my intuition says so, the Western World is, at large, the one big comfort zone. And perhaps that is why people are willing to accept so much surveillance and other crawling changes towards either Orwellian or Huxleyan model – whichever comes first.

But I really like Berlin – it is still colorful enough, including green, red and black, to preserve some freedom. I just hope it is not my delusion – delusion of a frog, being cooked sous vide.

The Commons mean the problems. 🙂 It is hard enough to organize an international conference for commoneers from all sides of the world. And making it in Germany, using German public funds, means another level of complexity on top of it. Kudos to David, Silke, Heike and Michel – and to the good people from Heinrich Boell Fundation. I would never even think about mixing fire with water at such scale. 🙂

I am watching the overwhelming interest in The Commons, everywhere, except Poland. And I see, how the young generation is looking for another, brand new, panacean idea. And I think – how much faith is too much? But it’s just me. Perhaps my sugar level dropped too low.



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