Day 6 — Berlin

The sun is warm, but the wind is chilly. People around are coughing and sneezing, including your humble explorer. Viruses are having a good time.
The buzzword for today is CommonoPolis. A freestyle space for self-organized events. I volunteered to arrange it and took a good part for the Expedition stand. People are coming, asking questions. I even got couple Euro of support.
Yes, people are coming. Among them, many of those who I only knew over Internet. And guess what – they are all even nicer in reality. 🙂
There are also some new acquaintances. A lady from Ikaria, a tiny island near the Greek/Turkish border, almost invited us to move there. Who knows…
One of major questions, commoners here try to answer is how to make people at large to support and protect commons. At the same time, the most popular electronic products here are made by Apple. Hm…
I also happened to find something less funny. There is going to be a ‘side event’ about the ‘commons in the ex-soviet coutries” organized by some German journalist. What learned from him is that the western border of Soviet Union was the western border of DDR. I must admit, I felt really bad, seeing this example of imperial thinking. But this is what happens if you want to meet new people. 😉
But the grim mood hes left me as soon as I met Kevin. Big American guy, a filmmaker, sent to me by my Greek friends who said I would be a good story :). Really jolly chap. He gave me a lot of advises about how to speak to camera. Thanks, Kevin!


Turning stories into reality.

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