On the road to Athens…

“You caught us, Greeks, not in our best shape in history”, Dimitris said.

We were crossing Epeiros on our way to Attica. After three hours of waiting, with a handwritten banner “Athina” in my hand, I was pretty sure I would not make it, when a tiny Peugeot stopped 50 metres beyond my point and returned on reverse. Dimitris, mysteriously looking in his dark glasses, invited me inside.
Over 400 km road was scenic. At the same time we were gradually, cautiously, exchanging stories – from two sides of a an Iron Curtain. And stories appeared to be so similar….

I know – give or take – my part of this dual history. But it will take much more time, meetings and stories heard, before I dare to say anything about the Greek part. For now, my feeling is, that we are similarly hurt, uprooted and left alone. No surprise that I feel like my heart is half Greek.

This part of the story must mature a bit. So, for now, let’s dance into Athens.

Charmingly chaotic city.

When I woke up in the middle of the city, it was charming. waves and waves of chaotic buildings, crusted someplace with ancient ruins, or still wild rocky hills. It seems like a rock hill country, where most of hills turned houses. I do not really feel the pressure of big city. It is more like one big pueblo – all marvelously decorated with the magic Greek sun and swept with sea wind.

Magic worked again, when I received sms with the address of my host and Dimitris said he would be going to the same district – so he finally brought me to the very doorstep.
Thanks, bro. May your networks always work just well enough to let you keep your job. 😉

My hosts, G. & V. – girls with the names of US states – are a traveller’s dream. Strategic location, sensible hosts, comfort place – I will simply not disclose any more details, because my fellow wanderers would just queue on your door mat. 😉

I have spent comfortable Sunday, adopting to hotter Attica weather, and on Monday I got to serious work. Read on…


Turning stories into reality.

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