As usually, in the beginning there was chaos…

My first idea to go to Norway sparked somehow February-ish, I guess. M., who is a seasoned contemporary hobo, was telling tall stories about “småjobber” available here, top-notch freegan food, benevolent people and stunning landscape. It was enough to make me dreaming about fjords, salmon, painting houses and meeting contemporary oil Vikings. So I federated with three young people from our community, borrowed some money from friends and family  and decided to give Norway a try.

When we landed here, it was almost idyllic. Except for the weather, maybe, as we arrived slightly early. But even that didn’t spoil the fun. We were camping at the Southern tip of Norway, eating finest Norwegian and international food (obtained by the well established and respectable way of dumpster diving), enjoying the nature. The only problem was to bring up motivation for work. 🙂

My young companions rather quickly turned into restless seasonal workers. I needed a bit more time to drop some of my winter fat, and to get familiar with the country&people. When I was done with that, I decided to part the company and to go the way most suitable for and elderly commoner.

So I said good-bye to young fellows, gave away some surplus provisions and – heavily loaded with two enormous bags, hit the road due North.

Just before I went away, Flekkefjord indulged me with two parting gifts. One of Polish fellows, living there, invited me for half day for the fjord sailing, on board of his newly restored classic sailing boat. Marvellous experience. 🙂

Just a bit earlier the same day, I was sitting in a pizzeria, tapping on my laptop, when an unknown Norwegian guy popped up out of the blue and asked “Do you want half of my pizza?” I was completely stunned, but accepted the offer with enthusiasm and enjoyed free food once more.

It was hard to leave such a place. 🙂



Turning stories into reality.

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