Solidarity, Generosity, Friendship

This motto could easily replace old Egalité stuff and for sure it would make world a better place. And among people who bear this new standard high, you will find Øyvind and Vanessa. 

They invited me to their home (and to their backyard) based entirely on the fact that I am a travelling commoner on the nano-scale budget. They showed me the town, provided with valuable information, fed me and host me almost for the whole week. And at the end they found me a great place in an ecovillage 50 km away and helped a lot with relocation.

Meanwhile we had a lot of interesting discussions which made me to put some new books on my reading list. I also started to understand Norwegian society a lot better, which – I hope – you will see in my soon-to-come posts.

Dear Friends, I am very happy I met you, very sad I had to leave you and I really hope we shall meet in near future (plans are being made). Thank you!


Turning stories into reality.

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