Sunday School of Rebels

Sunday School of Rebels

This Sunday in Oslo…


Turning stories into reality.

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2 comments on “Sunday School of Rebels
  1. Petros says:

    Sneak peek into the program:

    Smile and Encrypt Everything

    Basic Computer Security for Freedom Lovers

    Talk & Workshop

    1. Generalities. (talk one hour + Q&A).
    – Safety = privacy + anonimity. Threats.
    – Why do they watch us (even if we are idle and innocent). Think like an oppressor. How important you are?
    – The Panopticon approach. You will die anyway, so?
    – How bad people use “Big data” and “small data”.
    – Why we should apply security means (for our safety now, for our future, for the others).
    – Privacy: the concept of cryptography, symmetric/asymmetric keys, digital signature, channel safety vs. message safety (metadata problem).
    – Anonimity: TOR, VPN, proxies.
    – Awareness and participation.
    – Extras: Steganography, OTR style authentication.
    2. Level Green. Basic habits of safe internet usage. (Talk and presentation up to 2 hrs + Q&A)
    – The safety postcard level green (see handouts).
    – Safe web browsing (Firefox/Iceweasel and plugins). The cookie problem. TORbrowser.
    – Safe emailing (Thunderbird/Icedove and GPG)
    – Safe chatting (Pidgin and OTR)
    – Basic local data encryption. Plausible deniability.
    3. Level Yellow. (Presentation + Q&A up to one hour)
    – Closed circle communications: RetroShare.
    4. Level Orange. (Presentation + Q&A up tp one hour)
    – Amnesiac Linux: Tails. Installation, update and tweaking.
    – TOR – relative anonimity in the net.
    5. Handouts, references and recommended readings.

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