For years I’ve been learning about Israelis/Palestinians fighting each other. About mutual atrocities. About pain, grief and revenge thirst.
I had no words, no ideas, no sensible opinion to present. I only knew that I do not want to join ANY side of this insane pit fight.
Now, after recent developments in Gaza; after watching the disaster in Ukraine; after some more readings and discussions; after finding out that there are people like Gideon Levy or Gaza Youth Breaks Out (GYBO) – I got to the firm opinion about that all bloody mess. And I think it applies not just to the Israeli/Palestinian clash. The very same I can say about the “civil” war in Ukraine; about Afghanistan; about Latin America suffering from US-driven “war on drugs”; about Egypt, Libya, Western Sahara…

So, that is what I think about it:

The war started over 50 years ago, as a result of the British decisions imposed on Palestinian territory. Since then, the spiral of war has been growing, with mutual atrocities, justifying one another. The fuel for this war is a poisonous mix of a long time seasoned pain, grief, hatred and revenge wish, brewed actively by numerous “third parties” and fed on the continuous basis by a way of social engineering.
The situation now is beyond all reasoning, beyond all negotiations. The only way to start bona fide negotiations is to cut the fuel off FIRST. And only people involved can do that. We (all of us – even far away from the war zone) need to raise awareness and compassion until we start hating THE WAR ITSELF, rather than one of the fighting entities. WE NEED TO HATE THIS WAR recklessly, fiercely and ruthlessly. We need to raise our eyes from the blood-bathed arena and start looking for those, comfortably seated around, who derive their power and wealth from this tragedy. As long as the real beneficiaries of this war stay in shadows, stay untouchable, they will ACTIVELY turn every peace effort into the ash.
So, as it turns out, we need a WAR ON WAR – and on the warmongers. Because all people on the arena – Israelis and Palestinians equally – are victims.


Turning stories into reality.

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