Europe, Caliphate and another Battle of Vienna?

YPJ SoldiersRead first:

Apparently someone really wants to wake Europe up. The black standard of Caliphate seems to be a very convenient stimulus to trigger more compliance from increasingly US-sceptical societies here. Now, interesting is how Russia is going to benefit from this situation. Not being directly endangered, Putin is in a quite comfortable situation.
If the danger from ISIS is real, not just overblown by their (however professional) psy-ops, the Europe will not stand by itself (reasoning upon request). Not, unless it goes the post-9/11 US way, turning into a policised/militarised war-oriented state. In any other case, it may get vassaled either by the US, or the Russian Empire, in exchange for the military support and protection.
Unless, of course, Kurds do the job once done by Poland just over 330 years ago and another time 94 years ago.
It’s going to be interesting times again. Fuck.


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