A good man from Kurdistan

I am Muhammad and I want to be good to all people” he said, while driving me from Nijmegen to Wageningen.

Not more than 20 minutes earlier Jaan left me at the streetlights in Nijmegen, direction Ede. I only started feeilng at home there, when slightly battered ford Mondeo stopped by, driven by a wiry young man in a baseball cap, work trousers and a  t-shirt. He wasn’t going quite my way, but after a quick check up with his navigation, he picked me anyway.

I am Muhammad, a Kurd” he introduced himself. So next couple minutes we were talking about Peshmerga, PKK and their struggles to contain the Caliphate. “Soon I am going to Kurdistan” — he said — “If we don’t fight them there, they will come here and we will have to fight anyway. So I will go soon.

There was not much time to talk more, and his English wasn’t very advanced, but he said something really important. “Life is a mirror” – he said – “or like a ball. Whatever you drop, bounces back. We have never met before and we will not meet again. But it is good to be good for other people.

It was one of these tiny moments, when I really feel that big words like solidarity and good will have their meaning. And that is why I wanted you to know about Muhammad, a good man. May his God keeps him in good health until he sees his first grandchild. And three days longer. 🙂


Turning stories into reality.

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One comment on “A good man from Kurdistan
  1. Epi B says:

    moving encounter… perhaps a bit unsettling too…

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