Parallel Polis – a peculiar case of virtual resurrection

I have recently been informed that Parallel Polis, a sociopolitical concept, conceived in 1978 by Vaclav Benda, later presumed dead due to obsolescence, is now getting alive and kicking thanks to a Czech hacking group, Cryptoanarchy Institute.

These days some people say we are returning in time as far as to the Medieval political realm. Some of them only put us in 17th Century, just around the 30-year War. The Parallel Polis comes from the age of harsh oppression – a ‘real-soc’, aka communist regime in Eastern Europe, but it is also rooted deeply in the ancient Greek tradition of citizens’ self-governance. Are we ready to pick it up where it stopped and develop it further?

Someone from FreeLab will be in Prague, where, between 10th and 12th of October, Hackerský kongres Paralelní Polis 2014 will take place. We shall be watching – and actively supporting – possible reincarnation of an old ideal. Stay tuned.


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3 comments on “Parallel Polis – a peculiar case of virtual resurrection
  1. […] and military confrontation with the Turkish government. Kurds begun to build their own “parallel polis” first in Turkey, and later in Rojava – on the area of northern Syria. Famous of their […]

  2. […] In the Eastern Europe there used to exist some concepts of “parallel polis”, but they never got enough traction, until it was too late. Only recently, there are some symptoms of revival. […]

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