Help for Kobane. Join the effort.

thess-solid-kobaneIt is quite clear that Kobane is not going to fall to the ISIL brute force attack. The Islamic State squads are being beaten severely from many sides, not only in Rojava. But still Kobane may fall to the winter, hunger, thirst or illnesses. First civilians are returning to their ruined homes, with almost no infrastructure left, no food and the winter in it’s full swing. The Rojava Autonomy authorities already issued an appeal to the world, for help to keep the region alive. The scope of needs is broad, as detailed by Carl Drott, who personally surveyed situation in Kobane. His report was published by the Middle East Institute.

We need Kobane. All of us. Not just Europeans. We need Kobane not just as a resistance point against grim throat-cutters. We need Kobane as a place where a peaceful revolution occured in the beginning of this year. We need Kobane as the place where – amongst the war-torn, tribal and patriarchal environment – Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians and many other groups struggle to build democratic, peaceful and inclusive society. It is not a new state. It is just the peoples’ autonomy, way ahead of what is the political reality of current Syria, Turkey, Iraq or Iran. That is why we need Kobane alive and kicking.

Greek society is one of the most crisis-influenced groups within Europe. But Greeks developed strong sense of solidarity and self-governance, which extends beyond their own social network. A renowned organisation, Solidarity For All, in alliance of other groups, runs a campaign to support civilian refugees in Kobane. The action is aimed on setting up a convoy to deliver goods straight to Kobane, to make sure they would reach those in need. The campaign synopsis says


Where there are flames and explosions there are always refugees. While the fighting rages around Kobane, hundreds of thousands of people, mostly women and children, will soon find themselves in the grip of winter. Today, 100,000 refugees are concentrated in Sourouts region in southeastern Turkey and live in tents. Only one third of the refugees can be provided the basic means of subsistence.

The responsibility of the international community is huge. In Greece of crisis and poverty, we decided to accept a part of this responsibility. Faced with the image of refugees and humanitarian crisis the Sto Kokkino, KETHEA, Solidarity4all, Social solidarity clinic-pharmacy Attica and ADEDY organize nationwide solidarity campaign for refugees of Kobane and the surrounding areas with the participation of municipalities and radio stations across the country.
Until Wednesday, December 31 we shall be collecting food, toiletries and medical supplies.

We appeal to this colorful galaxy of Greece crisis resistant, organized and seasoned collectives, organizations, clubs, associations, municipalities, solidarity structures to immediately begin collecting the necessary items.

The supplies we are going to transport to Kobane:

  • Long-term stockable foods (legumes, pasta, rice, sugar, infant milk and cream powder)

  • Personal hygiene items (diapers and towels)

  • Medications (antipyretics, antihypertensives, broad spectrum antibiotics, painkillers, traumatology material as gauze, Betadine, bandages, alcohol, drugs for diabetics)

Indicative list of pharmaceuticals and materials (the names are for reference only, all generic equivalents are also needed):

  • Antibiotics – pills, syrup, injectable – Augmentin, Ceclor, Amoxil, Begalin, Ciproxin

  • Antipyretic – anti-inflammatory-analgesics – Depon, Panadol, Mesulid, Ponstan, Bruffen, Voltaren

  • Antihypertensive – Lopresor, Tenormin, Carvepen, Lobivon, Normolose

  • Diuretics – Lasics, Frumil, Fludex

  • Diabetics – (unrefrigerated) – Glucophage, Soloza, Diamicron, Actos

  • Antiplatelet – Salospir, Plavix, Aflen, Carder

  • Traumatology materials – Gauze, Betadine, Disposable gloves, bandages, alcohol, Cotton, Sera, Antiseptic hemostatics,

  • Vitamins and food supplements

  • Antidiarrhea and other stomach realted -Imodium, Almora, Primperan, Ersefuril, Zantac, Losec

    Medicines should have an expiry date greater than the period of six months, ie not expire earlier than July 2015. All packages should be unused.

Donated goods are being collected in a great number of places throughout Greece – see the campaign page for the complete list. For those who are outside Greece, or who just want to donate money, there is also an option of bank transfer. The account is set up in the National Bank of Greece, IBAN: GR6801100400000004000170193 BIC ETHNGR AA

So, the bottom line is:

  1. We need to support Kobane to recover from the war.
  2. Greek campaigners are going to deliver the help directly there.
  3. You may easily bring the goods to the nearest collection point, or send money to the bank account.

Just do it. Help Kobane recover!


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