From Brussels to Graz – invite me for a talk

Between 15th and 23rd of April I will be traveling (not necessary the shortest way) between Brussels and Graz. If you want me to stop by and give a talk in your place or community, I will be more than happy.

The idea is to make it a brief talk (up to 30 minutes), plus a Q&A session and discussion (unlimited). If it is ok, I would put a money box on the table — this is my only way to finance all Rojava-related ativity (I do not collect money for Rojava — I only inform about their official bank account).

The message I will try to convey amounts to:
1. What is the key conclusion from the Hamburg conference, which I am attending right now.
2. Why is Rojava special both for Middle East and for us in Europe (various perspectives: anarchist, feminist, communalist, anticapitalist, anticolonialist).
3. What are possible ways to support Rojava reconstruction and development, starting from Kobane Reconstruction Board
4. What is the idea behind Amargi.PL and what is the current status of coordination with Rojava representatives.
5. Short- and mid-term agenda.

This is not going to be a canned speech. I hope it to be as interactive as possible. I hope to trigger a self-organized activity, so the meetup itself logically should be self-governed.

I hope this is detailed enough for you to get a grip. If not, let me know.


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