The death of the laptop

My freegan Sony Vaio started dying already in Hamburg. New power supply helped for a while, but then situaton deteriorated rapidly. The machine stopped “seeing” power supply and — after depleting the battery — went finally cold dead. Just after a very interesting discussion in Maastricht.

Yesterday I was at the Chaos Computer Club in Cologne. Friendly hackers hepled me to make initial diagnosis. It seems the the reason is a power control circuit in the laptop. If this is the case, it is beyond repair.

Basically it means that I have my disk and can access my data, provided there is a comuputer I may connect it to. But the whole set of my programs is unavailable.

So, Dear Friends of Freelab and Amargi, please consider helping me in one of three ways:

1. If you are in a place I am going to visit soon (Graz, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Thessaloniki), perhaps you would be able to re-diagnose my computer and to revive it.

2. If you can, perhaps you would like to donate your old, but working laptop, possibly not too big and not to old.

3. Or you may decide to help me raise additional 250 Euro, as this is the price of a second-hand laptop which would serve me for next couple years (I found such a deal in Thessaloniki)

Whatever you decide, any help will be appreciated. Actually, the overall advance of my work — especially — depends on it.

Hope to be fully operational again.



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