Day 4 in Macedonia: Limited Movement and Counter Protests

Situation in Macedonia quickly escalates. Civic protests spread, followed by a strange military operation in Kumanovo, near Serbian border.

Macedonia in English

Photo by: Vancho Dzambaski

May 8th was the fourth day of continuous protests marked with limited freedom of movement of protesters, a student sit in and also counter-protests by journalists and publicly owned buses.

Slika 1

The day was marked by the first counter-protests on this movement yet – where journalists and buses protested at the headquarters of SDSM, the political party leaking the wiretapped conversations. The first counter-protests were organized by journalists from pro-governmental media, and led by Ivona Talevska, who with sticks and stones showed up in front of the building, for a non-violent protest. The protest comes after the evening before people on the streets verbally attacked the TV Sitel team, and Ms. Talevska got her palm scratched, and after a glass entrance door of the still newly established Radio Free Macedonia was demolished. Ms. Talevska is also editor at newspaper Vecher and journalist at TV Sitel, and most…

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