A Brief History of Zoi Konstantopoulou

The failure (or treason, say some) of the government — and the Syriza at large — made a dark background on which some bright diamonds start to be visible. If there is any way for the Ελληνική Δημοκρατία to regain its dignity, people like Zoi Konstantopoulou may lead it.

Omaira Gill

One of the many Zoi themed memes: “Miss, could I go to the bathrooom?” Source: Luben.TV

This article was written for the German news outlet N-TV. You can read their translated German version of it here. I am uploading the original English version here at the request of non-German speakers (myself included) and hope you’ll enjoy the read. 


If one had to come up with three words to describe Zoi Konstantopoulou, they would certainly not be demure, quiet and timid. The brash, outspoken Speaker of the Greece’s Parliament has caused controversy almost since the day she was appointed.

It seems like a lifetime away now, but on 6 February 2015, Zoi Konstantopoulou was appointed her to her latest post with a record 235 of 300 votes in parliament. Aged 39, she became one of the youngest people to take on the role, and the first from left wing ranks.

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