Life after Facebook. Day one.

I only vaguely understood how strong was my addiction to Facebook. Once my account was blocked (due to my campaign to support Kobane Reconstruction Crowdfunding), I immediately decided I would not try to regain it — but only few hours later came the shock. Half a night I was despairing about loosing my contact with the world. No important texts to read and comment. No way to reach my readers. Most of my social life gone.

Siga, siga, I calmed myself. Of course, some time will be needed to regain significant group of contacts, but this is not the first time in my life. And I have enough offline things to do, including my grassroot activity in Thermaikos, to keep myself busy.

On the online front, however, I realised that the most of my ingenuity is gone. I became so lazy, so indulged with the flood of data hosing my brain, that I almost forgot how to look for information (and readers) myself.

No, I am in a bit more constructive mode. After a bit of rearrangement of my website, I will try to get through the looooong list of my bookmarks and Delicious links, randomly accumulated over couple years. I am pretty sure I will find a lot of inspiration there. I am also installing a RSS reader and will pay more attention to the blogs from For the interaction, I plan to expand my presence on Reddit and also start answering questions at Quora.

This is the transition period, so any advice from you, people, will be appreciated and thoroughly tested. I am slowly getting optimistic about the “life after Facebook”. Stay tuned for updates!


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2 comments on “Life after Facebook. Day one.
  1. George Lagoudakis says:

    I cannot fucking believe that they shut your account off because of your support for thew Kurds. When i realise you were no longer on F/B , i almost got a stroke, i’m in a dangerous age after all. Thank God there was this polish group you run ,i got there and saw this notification . Luke i have to rush for a lesson, (my students are waiting for me). Speak to you later. Get back to Facebook PLEEEEAAAASE !

    • Petros says:

      George, do not despair. I am still here and soon I will find a way to stay in touch with my friends and allies, someplace else than the prison yard Facebook became. Meanwhile, keep following this blog.

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