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What is the future of war?

Answer by Jon Davis: The next twenty years are going to showcase some of the most monstrously terrifying while holistically awe-inspiring feats of engineering in the history of warfare. To set the scene, imagine a time in the not so

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House of Glass

The Europe is already changing. As I write this text. As you read it. We will not stop, let alone reverse these changes. But, at least in our direct surroundings, we can have certain impact on the speed and direction of changes.
And, even if we cannot change course of the whole Europe, we may change the future of the Europe we are.

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They have no cause left but their families

Ante, my new friend and reader, was really surprised seeing thousands and thousands of young and strong people going North from the war-torn Middle East. Why don’t they stay — he asked me — and defend their countries and their

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Völkerwanderung GmbH

Najlepsza PRAGMATYCZNA strategia dla państw buforowych to jawne lub nie, ale otwarcie szybkiego i niekłopotliwego tranzytu dla uchodźców. Przy okazji można na tym trochę zarobić. A służby niech pilnują, żeby sprawdzać każdego podejrzanego — a podejrzany będzie każdy, kto chciałby zostać w takiej Polsce, zamiast wygodnie pojechać do Niemiec, czy Holandii.

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Workshop: new solar heating solution for the Greeks

26-28 in Thermaikos, Greece, near Thessaloniki, we will have workshop to teach people how to build an efficient solar air heating panel. The technology is described here: and the details of the workshop here: If you are around,

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If you could have any life-changing phone call with anyone in the world, in the history of the world, with whom would it be?

That’s Quora. Sometimes, between less or more trivial questions and fact-finding, you catch a glimpse of the dark magic of real life. —————————— Answer by Dot McHale: I’d call my dad and I tell him to run. I have to

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Help! Oslo (Norway) – Mainland Europe transport needed!

I need somebody to help me by transporting a bag of camping equipment (100 l sailor’s bag) from Oslo to any continental Europe destination. The closer to Greece, the better. The bag has to be picked up by the end

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Hacking the Digital and Social System

Originally posted on Hackaday:
When you live in a totalitarian, controlled and “happy” society, and you want to be a hacker, you have to hack the social system first. Being just an engineer doesn’t cut it, you have to be…

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Life after Facebook. Day one.

I only vaguely understood how strong was my addiction to Facebook. Once my account was blocked (due to my campaign to support Kobane Reconstruction Crowdfunding), I immediately decided I would not try to regain it — but only few hours

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