Mission: Norway

MISSION UPDATE (2014.07.05)

Every travel is also a travel in heart and in mind. And – at least in my case – seldom goes according to the plan. Also this year I experience amazing plot twists in my Norwegian adventure. Not all of them can be quite reasonably explained. 🙂

Until now, my Norwegian travel happened to divert from the nice and peaceful path of the commons, towards much more dramatic areas of the synergy between hackers, anarchists and settlers. But just today in the morning, another twist moved me again, with the newly identified issues, back to the area of the commons. “Freedom as the commons”, together with the “connect the dots” plan leads me into new, vast “altiplano of thoughts”.

The mission continues.


I am a political writer, translator and social contributor. My writings are mostly in Polish, but few of them are also available in English – please see them published here.

I am also a translator, mostly dealing with the issues of the commons and related. Last year I co-translated a book by David Bollier “Think like a commoner

My mission in Norway is twofold. I am trying to raise (mostly as a travelling worker aka a hobo) money to complete second phase of my research of Greek grassroot communities (http://goteo.org/project/expedition-freedom/?lang=en – the last year crowdfunding failed, but some documents are available). Please note that the main sites (both http://expeditionfreedom.org and http://freelab.org.pl are temporarily down – I am working on that).

Secondly, I plan to spend the summer watching Norwegian society, possibly from inside, to establish if (and why) is it so calm and free from anarchist tendencies. Even Switzerland features more squats and independent initiatives!

I give myself time until early September to get more familiar with Norway.

While travelling here I keep very low profile and tight budget. Camping in the tent, with few friends, living freegan, saving as much money as I can for the future.

That is all I can write from the top of my mind. Please ask if you need me to elaborate something.

4 comments on “Mission: Norway
  1. Hi Petros. We are George, Dora and Pavlos from Thessaloniki! Good to have good news from you. We are expecting you soon back! 🙂

    • Petros says:


      Greetings to Perka!

      Guys, wish me the success in fundraising here. If we can buy an old, cheap car, we shall arrive to Greece for winter volunteering! See you there!

  2. […] Follow Petros journey through Norway here. […]

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