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AU-cover“Anarchia Wyzwolona, czyli dlaczego samoorganizacja działa lepiej, niż Ci mówiono”
Taki jest roboczy tytuł polskiego wydania książki “Anarchy Unbound“, profesora Petera Leesona.

Kampania crowdfundingowa: https://www.coopfunding.net/en/campaigns/anarchy-unbound-polish-edition-free-ebook-and-print-on-demand/

W chwili, gdy w Polsce zaczynają się rozwijać oddolne ruchy społeczne, ujawnia się potrzeba wsparcia tego spontanicznego procesu refleksją teoretyczną. Peter Leeson, jeden z najwybitniejszych przedstawicieli anarchizmu analitycznego, opisuje historyczne i współczesne przykłady oddolnego kształtowania się instytucji społecznych, które – wbrew temu, co nam się mówi na codzień  – wcale nie potrzebują przymusu państwowego, żeby powstać i działać. « Read the rest of this entry »

Coop-founding campaign: Polish edition of “Anarchy Unbound”. Start sending money!

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AU-coverDear All,

It’s official now. The fundraising campaign started, to finance the Polish edition of “Anarchy Unbound”, the book by Prof.Peter Leeson, a prominent Analytical Anarchist from the USA.
You will find the whole campaign here: http://www.coopfunding.net/en/campaigns/anarchy-unbound-polish-edition-free-ebook-and-print-on-demand/

The book itself is very important and we believe that introducing it into the Polish political discourse can be crucial for all self-governing movements. « Read the rest of this entry »

Go Portugal?

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There is a new project, that sprouted from one FB group.

people who showed interest in setting up a series of co-op owned communities in Portugal, within a cycle-able distance of each other. This movement would be a concentrated effort to inhabit a country with a dwindling population,as opposed to various isolated attempts in random parts of the country where isolation seems to be a major problem.Rougly aimed at a 2 year timeframe to plan and save about 2k per person for land and tools.


The Freedom Commons – pre alpha.

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Peer review will be appreciated. « Read the rest of this entry »

Positive and negative freedom

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What Should Be the New Myths? Global Myths? | Mythology Matters

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Petros says:

July 24, 2014 at 11:58 pm

I am a travelling storyteller of sorts and, as such, I often utilise existing myths to convey certain messages to my audience. My favourite source of inspiration is the vault of Speculative Fiction, which I consider a living think tank for the myths. I have just started reading your articles here and I am far from joining the discussion yet. But I really agree with the general notion that we need a new “myth ecosystem”. If you ever have any appearance in Europe, I will be happy to attend.

via What Should Be the New Myths? Global Myths? | Mythology Matters.

Chomsky defines anarchy (meme)

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