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CTD in a nutshell

CTD is a longterm project to build a strategic alliance between three social ecosystems: anarchists, hackers and full-time altenative dwellers („Diggers”). The goal is to improve everyone’s resilience by solidarity … Continue reading

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Coop-founding campaign: Polish edition of “Anarchy Unbound”. Start sending money!

  Po polsku TUTAJ Dear All, It’s official now. The fundraising campaign started, to finance the Polish edition of “Anarchy Unbound”, the book by Prof.Peter Leeson, a prominent Analytical Anarchist … Continue reading

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Europe, Caliphate and another Battle of Vienna?

Read first: Apparently someone really wants to wake Europe up. The black standard of Caliphate seems to be a very convenient stimulus to trigger more compliance from increasingly US-sceptical … Continue reading

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YPJ – Women’s Protection Units

I read rants and rants accusing Kurds of being nationalists. And militarists. Now, comrades, go and tell it to our Kurdish sisters. But watch the video first.

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Democratic Confederalism. Political blueprint for the stateless democracy.

The rising Islamic State, self-proclaimed Caliphate, being an avatar of the most ferocious elements in Islam, brought into popular consideration the cause of the Kurds. They become the first community … Continue reading

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European Parliamentaries became aware of the need for the commons

That is pretty optimistic. Common goods, by definition, belong to the community. Water, the quintessential common good, should not be privatized or commoditised. Nor should this be the case with … Continue reading

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The Freedom Commons alpha 2

This text is my first attempt to describe freedom (both freedom-to and freedom-from) using the language of the commons. The goal of this attempt is to change the perception of … Continue reading

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Equipment wishlist

We are looking for support in equipment (lease or donation). If you feel like being our supporter, please see the wishlist here and help us with it. Till 24th of … Continue reading

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ISIS, Ukraine, Fergusson MO. Brief thoughts on war and pacifism

Being pacifist, I have a right to personal non-defense. But do I have a right to tell someone else “I will not fight to defend you”? In the structured military … Continue reading

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[Anarchy Unbound] Help the coop-funding campaign with one page translation to Catalan, Spanish and French!

Pomóż w zbieraniu funduszy – przetłumacz dla nas opis kampanii na: kataloński, hiszpański lub francuski. Jedna strona tekstu – pomoże nam niezmiernie! Please help our campaign by translating the description … Continue reading

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Connecting The Dots beta 4

Few snapshots from the newest version – to be presented at in Amsterdam, 15th-ish of August.

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Remember, remember the 8th of November.

The Aaron Swartz DayNovember 8th, 2014
2 months to go.
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