Amargi fundraising call

OK, we are getting serious. First official fundraising call from Amargi PL

Rojava Recovery Volunteers

Set up even small standing (recurring) payment via Paypal (address:

or make a one time donation.

Donate Button

If you want to get involved personally, join our forum.

More options to come

How will you use the money?

  1. We run and coordinate direct support campaigns. Right now we are up to purchasing vaccines & sera for Afrin canton and testing secure internet communication with Rojava. Next campaigns are waiting in the queue. We may run more and bigger campaigns, but we lack infrastructure.
  2. We organize „Amargi1 House” in Thessaloniki. A center of campaign coordination, meetings and training for bigger scale technical and educational support.Later we shall set up similar centers in various cities and countries.
  3. We inform, inspire and integrate people in Europe and beyound, to support Rojava in a political, technical and financial way.

We raise money and gather people to support a post-war recovery of Rojava…

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